New Zealand Study Tour 2019 – 14 days
Our study tour was designed with various programmes aimed at expanding the horizons of students beyond the four walls of a classroom. Our main focus was on helping students to learn a new culture and boost personal interaction with the locals. Students were immersed in another school environment and stayed with another family during the trip. These activities enhanced their personal growth and nurtured their learning abilities. It was definitely a valuable experience in their primary school life!
Student's sharing
This trip was so unforgettable. There were so many differences from HK. The Maori culture is special as they always dance and sing. It's difficult to learn the Maori language but it's fun. NZ people are all very kind and the host family is really good. I will miss them. By Moses Chue
New Zealand Buddy Reunion Program (in Hong Kong)
This programme aimed at enhancing the relationship with NZ teachers and students with our SK teachers and students. Five teachers and eleven students from NZ Auckland Middle School came to spend a day with us to better understand the Hong Kong culture. We tried to give them an authentic Hong Kong experience. They loved their dim sum breakfast and were overjoyed by using chopsticks, less so by chicken feet.

At school, our students shared some ideas about the history of TKO, traditional games and food. Besides, we had the basketball game and the Chinese Drum performance. The kids popped into some lessons to get a good taste of the school life at SK. We share laughs as good friends do. It was an incredible day and we hope to build on this relationship in the future.
Student's sharing
In my memory, that day was awesome. First of all, when the NZ students marched in, all of us cheered and welcomed them very kindly. They were all ready for the basketball game, but when we found out that our opponents are a lot older than us, we felt pretty desperate. But still, we tried our best. The most memorable thing happened that day was Miss Yellow let the students watch some videos about our dream jobs, and my video was picked too! My video is mostly about teaching people to do push-ups. I felt super embarrassed but the NZ students thought my video was cool. Before they left our school, one of the NZ students challenged me a push-up contest. I actually won! I had to admit, it was pretty awesome to win a teenager that is 3 to 4 years older than me. To conclude, this experience was super cool, and I hope I can see them again and learn from them.

Caleb Cheng