ENGLISH FUN DAY - There was a variety of programmes which included english performance, movie shows, inter-class competitiion, exciting English games and interesting booth games. Students could boost up their interest in learning English on this great day.

  • Students were so keen to get the right answers in the booth games.

  • Students enjoyed reading books and they loved sharing books with the teacher

Students enjoyed exciting games in the hall. They tried their best to be the winner in the inter-class competition. Students' enthusiastic involvement made our English Fun Day terrific.

Students sang out beautiful song with lovely actions to match with the lyrics. Teachers and students puyt in lots of effort to make it a success.

Students showed their talents by acting out the characters vividly in the drama performance. They were all best actors and actresses on the stage.

Students played English board games as well as crossword games in the classroom. They were amused and delightful when they were having this astonishing time.

What a wonderful day! Our students were able to participate in many enjoyable English activities. Highlights included Booth Games in which students were rewarded with stamps which they could redeem some snacks at the Gift Corner, Inter-class Competition in which they played some exciting games, the Drama Show performed by Cheery Theatre which is our School Drama Team and Classroom Movies in which students could watch some famous movies.

The morning was a great success and would not have been possible were it not for the assistance of our wonderful NET, lovely parents, volunteers and our devoted teachers. Thank you to everyone for the energy they foster, both in themselves and others.